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Advice for job choice


hello, I have an interview coming up for a laser/medi spa rn position. The pay is good and hours seem decent, I'm kind of on the fence regarding this in terms of if I start working here will this become a hinderance for me to get a hospital job. I've been looking for an rn job for a long time now and have interviewed at a few places but have had no luck in landing a job. I graduated back in May 2012 but just recently got my license in July 2014. Also i'm in California so I just want to know what would my chances be if i worked here and still look for a job at a hospital? any opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

Lev, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency - CEN. Has 7 years experience.

I think if you get the job, you should take it. It's a job and you get to practice as an RN. You can move on to "bigger and better things" (Whatever that means) once you get some experience.

CrunchRN, ADN, RN

Specializes in Clinical Research, Outpt Women's Health. Has 25 years experience.

Take it, but keep looking.