Advice on going into nursing from another field

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Hello! I am a senior at a small private school, where I will graduate in May with an associates in general religious studies. However, I'm looking into going into nursing. I would love to start as a CNA so that I could be working, and in a few years after working off some previous loan debt and as I am able, taking classes and working towards becoming an RN. Any ideas on the best way to do that?

-Any pointers towards schools/places that have good CNA programs

-Any personal experience in this area

-If I live "out of a cardboard box", so to speak, is it possible to support myself on a CNA salary, and still make loan payments of a couple hundred dollars (looking for those who have been in this position)

-If I'm not going for an RN immediately, is there any advantage in going for an LPN first instead of starting as a CNA?