Advice from current University of Cincinnati Students?

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Hi all!!!!

I would like some feedback from current, or recent grads of the University of Cincinnati FNP online program. I plan on applying to this school, but I would like to hear pros and cons about this program. I see a lot of "I got accepted" posts, but I'm waiting on the follow-up, lol. I appreciate any feedback/guidance/advice that you can provide about this program. It would be nice to have some Spring, Summer, and Fall 2013 reviews of this program.

I'm looking forward to the replies!!!!!



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Hi RN1913! I am currently finishing up my first semester in the FNP online program, and so far I love it! I am still working full time for now, but I think I will drop my hours to part-time once I start clinicals in the fall. I am currently taking advanced pathophysiology and biostatistics and these two classes together have not been bad. There is a set curriculum for the program and the program is year round. I feel like the instructors are very supportive and are quick to respond to any questions that I or other students have. There are several nurses that I work with that are in the program or have already graduated from the program and are working as Nurse Practitioners. Even though I am early in the program, I would recommend this program :-) Hope I was able to shed some light on the program.

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Thanks for chiming in on UC...My application is still pending with them, hoping I hear something before December. I applied to May 2014 start though and also applied to Simmons College as well, both for FNP! Are the instructors good about getting back to you quickly? I don't feel like the admissions team is at all. Can you describe a week schedule for school for us? Thanks for the input! Also what hours do you currently work? Other than a discussion board/postings are their videos to watch or other interactive elements to the program?



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Thank you for the input Christelize!!

When I created this thread, I was very interested in the University of Cincinnati. I filled out an online interst form. I missed the Admissions Advisor's phone call. I called her back, left a message, and emailed her. I got turned off from the college after she didn't return my call and email. That was like 3 weeks ago.

Just an update I have just gone the admissions process and UC has been great. I got a call every week during the waiting period. I have loved their prompt communications!


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I have had a good experience with UC, and am so excited because I just learned yesterday that I have been accepted into the 2016 Summer AGNP program!