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Advice on the best reference books!

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Hi All!

I am new here. I live in Philly, and am currently about to finish up my 1st semester of nursing school (on Tues. YIPPIE!). Next semester we are doing Med-Surg with Pharmacology. Any advice on the best reference books to get? I had the Made Incredibly Visual for Health Assessment and it was AWESOME!!! (I'm a very visual person). Did anyone use the Incredibly Easy books for med-surg? Any other ideas??

Any recent grads that are interested in selling their helpful reference books?

I love this site...it is such a great resource for advice and information!!!!

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I go to the nursing book section at Barnes & Noble or Borders and check out what they have on a regular basis. There used to be an independent medical bookstore locally, but it closed. I also used to go to the school bookstore but they cut way back on their nursing book section so I don't go there anymore. I think the best way to find what you like and will use is to look at it before you buy it. You can really spend a lot on reference books.

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