Will Vanderbilt Waive the GRE Score???

  1. Hi all, I was wondering if Vanderbilt might waive the analytical writing part of the GRE requirement.....I was so worried about getting above 1000. I had read most schools did not really care about the analytical part, well turns out they do. I only got a 3.5 and they require a 4.5. and I want to go to their ENP/ACNP program.. I have lots of exp. GPA >3.5, 1160 GRE and will take CCRN this summer....Sometimes I hear about a school that will waive a requirement....just wondered??
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  3. by   MedVision
    Hi Silverbelle,

    I'm currently a prespecialty student at Vandy. I know they will waive the entire exam if you already have a graduate degree. I'm not sure about specific portions of the exam. I have heard there is a little more flexibility with those already nurses in comparison with prespecialty students. You may get more feedback in the students section (post graduate). Hope that helps!
  4. by   maikranz
    Or contacting Vanderbilt yourself and asking.... I would do anything NOT to have to take it... Good luck on the CCRN