What kind of salary should I ask for?

  1. I'm getting ready to interview for an ER FNP position at a small, rural, 5 bed ER. I will be the only provider working in the ER with physicians available in the hospital during the day and by phone at night. The shifts will be 24 hours. I am only applying for part-time. I need suggestions on salary. My salary at my current full time job is 88,500 with full benefits.
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  3. by   Aussierules1985
    Idk. But I need to know the exact same issue for my job!
  4. by   NPjh
    Most of the hospital based part time positions where I am are either hourly or based on RVUs. I am assuming you have a great deal of experience, and you will be in an independent position in the evenings. So, don't undersell yourself. I like to put the ball in their court first while negotiating and ask "what do you usually pay an experienced provider."