What career path should I take with my Masters of Arts in Nursing Education?

  1. hello all!!!

    I am in a dilemma and would like some opinions from all you fab nurses out there.
    I have been a nurse for 4 years working in the same institution,a great place where i work as a PACU RN. During that time I had obtained a Masters of Nursing education degree.

    I have applied to Nurse education jobs everywhere, but not hired because my expertise is limited to "PACU", even not hired as an educator where I work! They wanted an educator with more broader experience.

    I really love the place I work at as an RN, but don't see any growth professionally.

    MY end goal in life is to become a Professor in a University. But I feel like a need a well rounded CLINICAL background.
    Should I leave my institution and find a critical care unit to work at for a year? AND get a post masters in Nurse Practitioner?

    go straight through and do my Doctorates?

    Your input will be greatly appreciated ( as well as any other advice)

    Thank you fellow RNs!!
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  3. by   filipinoRNMAN
    in my opinion, since you are already a masters degree holder with a 4 yr pacu experience, you can apply to smaller colleges first.experience and being exposed to different areas is a plus factor in all aspects but it takes a good teaching demonstration upon the hiring or deliberation process for you to get the CI job that you want. and if ever you get hired in some colleges then continue your doctorate for your own professional achievement and competence.