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  1. I am an NP in San Francisco, California, in the process of moving to Seattle. It's going to be a large pay cut regardless of which hospital I work at, but I am wondering if anyone knows what the salaries are like between the different hospitals in Seattle.

    Also, I have applied for both my RN and APRN license. I just sent in my fingerprint cards for the RN license. Does anyone know how long it takes to get those approved? My APRN license is hinging on the RN license.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Mica RN
    Not sure if you figured it out yet but I'll comment.
    I've never applied into WA state for the RN, but for my in state apps it didn't seem to take more than 4-5 weeks.
    I currently work at a Kaiser Permanente retail clinic. I'm a new NP and the starting salary was $98,700. I'm switching jobs to Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. Depending on how many shifts I work a month I can have a salary of $112-$128 with additional productivity bonuses. THERE IS A HUGE NEED for NPs so negotiate the hell out of your offers! Hope that helps.