Sage advice needed FNP options.

  1. Good morning to all and thank you in advance for any and all pearls that are offered.

    I desire to be an FNP and may have wasted a lot of time recently, I put all my eggs into one basket and did not notice the 'MSN only need apply' letter lining the basket. Please suggest the best route for me.

    I am a second career RN, BS in Biology and want a RN to MSNFNP direct. Online only please. Does it make sense to do MSN through WGU/Aspen then a certificate post MSN FNP or bite the expense and time bullet and broadcast apply to every FNP program for their next open sessions (could be 1 year +)? I am thinking MSN educator now, then post MSN FNP program.

    Are there any complications with WGU trying to get into post MSNFNP? What programs will work with the schools you all may reccommend. Also I am in Cali, will that make a difference?

    Please also suggest online post MSN FNP programs you have experienced, enjoyed and respected.

    I have become a bit lost as I have read hundereds of posts and someone elses opinion and fresh ideas will help me find clarity.

    Thank you for your help.
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