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  1. I am so burned out as a RN. I LOVE my patients and their family memebers, no matter how "needy" they are, but administration really sux, furthermore, many of the CNA's that I work with are really obnoxious and get away with anything thiey want. I don't think it will help if I transfer. I used to work as a "float" and it's the same old song and dance everywhere.

    My passion for the geriatric population keeps me going. I love them, but I have NO desire to work in a nursing home. I think I would LOVe to become a Geriatric NP. I am in my mid-30's and my wonderful bf reminds me that my bio clock is ticking. I would like to complete this before I have bebes. I think I will be a better mother to my kids as a NP, because I won't be sooo emotionally and physically stressed. Am I correct in my assessment that NP's are generally much happier when compared to many bediside nurses?

    also, I have researched this role on Allnurses and it seems like there are many of you who don't encourage NP "wannabes" to enter into the field of gerontolgy, because it will limit the NP. I understand this, but with our aging baby boomers, etc, I don't get it. I know of a NP who works for a clinic with a certain doctor. she basically visits the nursing homes and hospitals of his geritric patients while he does his thing. If I enter an 'adult" NP program, will geriatrics fall under this age bracket too?

    I don't have much money saved, but I have an awesome mom who is very supportive of my decision. she will let me live with her rent free and she will buy groceries. My only responsibility will be my bills and car expenses. I don't really plan on working during the 2 years because i want to really concentrate on this. And my goal, when I'm finished, is to open up my own practice. However, I will make "house visits" for people if needed.

    excited and scared!!
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  3. by   Angelina_fnp
    In my personal opinion, the broader your certification the better. If you know that you don't want to work peds then adult would be better than geriactrics. You never know what the future holds and it is better to keep your options as open as possible. I picked family and work mostly with adults... but when I really needed money... I covered for a pediatrician for a month while he went on vacation....

    Stress..... that is a very individual thing. I don't have to run a hospital floor for 12.5 hours but unfortunately I am working in a retail clinic with crappy 12 hour shifts and every other weekend and a professionally unfulfilling job. but I get paid very well.... (yes I am looking at other options).. the reality is that it may take some time to find that almost perfect job. There will always be something....

    Minimize your student loans as these can be a major burden... As far as being a good parent goes... love your children and provide for them the best you can...teach them how to be responsible can do that just as well as an RN as an NP.
  4. by   Christen, ANP
    I <3 my Geriatric patients and see this as a great and opening field. However, I also agree that the broader the certification the better. You don't want to be going back to school and going through more clinicals to get an ANP or a FNP because whatever place you're living at 10 years from now doesn't have any GNP positions around! You can still see Geriatric patients with the ANP (my program actually had an entire Geriatrics course), but if/when "life" happens, you can change up and see patients aged 12 ++ if you need to!