Pediatric NP at University of South Alabama

  1. Has anyone heard anything about admission into MSN-PNP at USA for Fall 2013? I applied, and don't have the best undergraduate track record, but I do meet the minimum requirements and I have a semester of graduate school in which I made a 4.0, so I am hoping that speaks to someone and they grant me admission into the program. Can anyone tell me if you applied or what the admission statistics are like for this program?

    Thanks so much!

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  3. by   cjoh15
    Hi Rachel. I'm looking to apply to the same program for spring 2014! I had a fellow coworker apply to the FNP program there. She didn't get accepted because her undergrad gpa was lower than the 2.7 that's acceptable for provisional admission. If you've taken the GRE I think it would be a great boost to help if your overall GPA isn't a 3.0. I hope that helps and good luck to you!!