Online ASN RN-MSN FNP Programs fully accreditated

  1. I am a recent graduate RN with an ASN. I bridged into this program from LPN after 10 years with ER,ICU,Med-Surg,etc. experience. I have vigorously been researching schools that offers ASN-MSN FNP programs. I have read sooooo many post on this site that it is confusing! I have learned alot and have noted several schools. Basically, I am looking to enter a program that will allow me to complete it in 2-3 years and is fully online. I live in GA and was hoping to get some fresh insight from anyone attending an online program. Any help would be sooo greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!!!
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  3. by   801ednp
    I went through Idaho State University's program.
    There were a fair number of classmates that were not from ID (TX, CA, AZ, NV).
    Completely online, but did have to go to campus once a semester to complete pass-offs (campuses in Boise and Pocatello).
    I already had a BS, so I only had to take 2 classes to get my BSN equivalent.
    We were responsible for finding our clinical sites.
    In all, I felt like they did a good job with the online program.