NY Licensure & boards timing for NPs

  1. Hello!

    I will soon be graduating from a WHNP program, and am considering a job opportunity in New York. I know that New York is one of the few states that allows you to apply for licensure prior to taking your boards, as long as you show proof of graduation and so on. But I did hear it is more difficult if you're from a non-NY school-- like you have to submit proof of your pharmacology course and take the online prescriptions and record keeping course (which I've already done).

    Just wondering if anyone can give me a timeline for when it would be realistic to have my license by if my degree is conferred at the very end of August? How long did it typically take? And do people often start their job after getting licensure but without taking their boards yet?

    The organization is asking for a start-date, and I said probably late October to early November. Does that seem reasonable?
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