Nurse pracitioner first job interview!

  1. First set of interviews coming up. Looking for advice and experiences. I am most interested within an endocrinology practice and was wondering of how I can really sell myself for the spot. I am trying to word how to convey my interest in the field. Thanks all!
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  3. by   DuckFan23
    Be ready to be interviewed by more than one person. Be prepared to navigate scenarios-if endocrinology (esp diabetes) is your interest, know what you would do with a challenging patient. I recently interviewed, and this was my experience. If this is your interest, have you taken a diabetes educator course? Plan to. Mention that. Know the latest research and trends (ie, HGBA1C now used as marker for diagnoses). Know your metabolic syndrome.....your hyper/hypothyroid diseases well. They quizzed me on patho, drugs, etc during mine. At the second interview, expect more than one person to interview you. A good sign is if they bring in your would-be coworkers so you can ask them questions about the job. Dress sharp. Bring extra resumes. Tout your past achievements (leadership roles especially). I am not a great interviewer......but wound up with the job. Good luck to you! Knock 'em dead.
  4. by   jessarnp33
    All great advice, THANKS!