Nurse Anethesist Interview Questions

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    I am currently an RN that is in the process of getting my bachelor's degree. One of the assignments that is required is an interview with an advanced practice nurse. Because I am interested in eventually becoming a nurse anethesist (and do not personally know any) I wanted to see if there was a nurse anethesist out there that would be willing to be interviewed. The questions that I am to ask are:
    1. Why did you decide to go back to school to become an advanced practice nurse?
    2. How is the advanced practice nursing role different than the role you previously held in nursing?

    3.Do you consider yourself a nursing leader? Why or why not?

    4.To what organizations do you belong and/or are active in?

    5.Do you consider yourself to be politically active in nursing issues? If so, how? If not, why not?

    6. Do you engage in research or publication? Why or why not?

    7. What advice do you have for nurses who want to be in a role such as yours?

    8.Discuss the role of evidence based practice in nursing and how the education of an advanced nurse facilitates the translation of research into everyday practice.

    If anyone is willing to answer my questions it would be very much appreciated! You can just reply back to the post. Thanks!
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