Noteworthy ACNP Programs/Schools?

  1. Hello there fellow readers!

    I am currently researching for good ACNP programs and would like your opinion/insight about ACNP programs you've graduated from, are currently enrolled in, or have looked into. Feel free to share:

    1. What you liked and disliked about the school.
    2. What you would have done differently.
    3. Financial aids you used (i.e., special federal loan forgiveness programs, hospital contracts, scholarships)
    4. Any other words of advice.

    Things I am willing to consider are:

    1. Relocating out of state and paying out-of-state tuition.
    2. Public and/or private colleges.
    3. School size does not matter.
    4. DNP preferred but not absolute.
    5. Reputation is a bonus.
    6. Strong, scientifically-based curriculum with solid connections/affiliations to reputable hospitals are a must.

    By July 2010, I will have 3 years of medical intensive care experience as a 2007 BSN graduate. I am debating the efficacy of taking my CCRN and may need to retake my GRE for a fall 2010 ACNP program admission. Otherwise, 2011 may be more feasible.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and time.


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