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  1. I am a new entrant to the nursing field and will begin studies in July. I am a 38 year old career changer with a B.A. in Interpersonal Communication. In my past educational life, I took things "easy" and have regretted it for years. I have researched nursing for more than a year now and am sure it is the path I want to move towards. In my life in business, I discovered that what drives me is constant challenge, something I did not recognize my first time through college. My current goal set is to achieve an Associate's degree in Nursing, attain my BSN and move to a CRNA. Of course the high salary is a big factor in this ultimate goal, but first and foremost is the challenge and what seems to be the daily science behind the career. Are there any others of you out there who may have followed a similar career path that may be willing to impart some advice? Good and bad would be very welcome.
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    Welcome to allnurses!

    Have you found the specific CRNA-related forums yet? There is lots of information and discussion already posted in these:

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    Thanks, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find all the threads. I appreciate the guidance.
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    Another question....I am wondering if there are any good textbooks, etc. that provide "basic" CRNA educational material. I am looking to gain a base nomenclature of the profession that I might be able to read up on in spare time so that when I reach my goal of admittance to a CRNA school, I can be "ahead of the game". I realize that the practice changes over time, but I'm looking for basic and static knowledge I can get familiar with even if it will be covered in getting my Associate's or BSN degrees.
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    alot CRNA, requires prequisits such as 2 or three classes of organic chem. Do that research, first. start the ASN program thats not so costly, when you graduate, get a nursing job But make sure its in the ICU... any ICU (because CRNA accepts applicants with 1-2 years ICU experience). While you get your 1-2 ICu experience start your BSN asap, preferably the accelerated RN-BSN accelerated program, thats about 15-20 months long... while you are taking you BSN class, start the CRNA prerequisites such as the organic chem, etc ...

    when you done with the BSN, by then you should have more than one year of ICU experience... then apply to CRNA... remember most CRNA requires full time of schooling. depending on which school you go to, it may require full time after the second or third semester into the CRNA program..
    So you might want to request a leave of absence from work, or work perdiem...
    good luck..