Need advice! Looking for the next career move, Heme Onc NP vs Interventional Radiology NP?

  1. Greetings fellow NP's! I'm currently at a crossroads and stuck as to where I will go next in my career. I've had a variety of experience fm Cardiology to Pain management to Infectious disease. I've always had an interest in Surgery, I would love to potentially assist or do procedures. I'm looking for a fulfilling career, and my next move to be where I will be for quite a long time. I know no one can make the decision for me, but would love your advice and expertise.

    I have two offers on the table, I currently live in CA and have job offers as Heme Onc NP at city of hope or interventional Radiology NP at Stanford. There's pros and cons to each. I live in southern CA. Stanford seems like the perfect choice but would involve moving etc. Pay would be obviously significantly more. Schedule would be better (10 hrs). Both are outpatient positions. City of hope, I would be coming in during a time of transition (dept going through lots of changes), but opportunity to learn and grow. It seems kind of hectic and disorganized currently but has a good group of people and support.

    Thoughts?? Greatly appreciate any input!!!
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