LIU Accelerated nursing students???

  1. Hi all,

    Ive been accepted to LIU's 15 month BSN program, and was just curious about who else is going? If you got your acceptance letter and want to share.. holler! Im super excited and just waiting for June 4th to come already!

    If you are a graduate from LIU can you share on your experience?

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  3. by   Corrine611
    Hi Liam82,
    I will be starting the program June 4th as long as I pass the Hesi on Saturday. I was wondering if you took the exam yet and could offer any advice? Thanks
  4. by   Jackie chan
    join facebook group if you are accepted.

    "LIU -accelerated nursing 2012-2013"
  5. by   gk24
    Hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone tried to find the facebook page that was made because i cant seem to find it
  6. by   Jackie chan
    i have no problem finding the facebook group.
  7. by   gk24
    can you post a link please....i cant find it no matter what i try
  8. by   Jackie chan