Judgment is the bane of our existence.

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    Am very new to nursing. Just finishing up my pre-reqs and starting a Psych NP program in the Fall of 2011. Earned my undergrad in Biology in 1998. I know, slight time gap. In the meantime, I've been an entreprenuer, worked in several low income schools as a counselor, started a charter school, sold real estate as an agent/broker, invested in and rehabbed single family houses, and earned a master's in counseling. Wouldn't say I'm an overachiever, just that I let my ADD kick in and allow myself to get bored far too easily. Truthfully I had always been turned off to the medical field given my squeamish tendencies and my endless desire to march to the beat of my own drum. Not easily conducive for a career filled with blood, guts, procedures, and org charts. Yet the lure of a rewarding career in a truly meaningful profession is helping me overcome these "misalignments".

    Prior to deciding on nursing for my next venture, I interviewed a dentist. She made a couple comments that truly saddened me. First, she spoke of serving a leadership role prior to opening her own practice, working alongside a psychiatrist and a medical doctor. She seemed dismissive of the psychiatrist. If people in the health professions are not taught to respect the need for treatment of mental health issues, who will break the cycle of stigma?

    But wait, it gets better. Then she proceeded to discuss the head of the dental school as being "just a nurse practitioner". I lit up when she mentioned NP (as at this point I was largely decided already) and asked her about the profession. Her comment was...AND I QUOTE..."Oh, well I guess people become NPs when their grades aren't good enough to get into medical school."


    Well, soon to be fellow nurses (and I can't wait ), I graduated summa cum laude with a 3.97 GPA in the biomedical sciences/pre-medicine in 3.5 years. My only B was due to choosing to study for the MCAT instead of turning a paper in on time. I'm sure you have similar backgrounds or that your experiences far outway any silly GPA. The funny thing is that I've never put much weight on earning that degree nor put much weight on any type of formalized education. The joke among the truly wealthy is that the A students end up working for the B students who end up working for the C students who work in the building owned by the dropout. In my dealings in the business world, I've never been quick to flaunt a high GPA. It sorta kinda screams "I'll do what you want when you want how you want". The only time formalized education carries any real weight is if A) it's required for what you want to do or B) one is disinterested in owning their own business and must earn credentials to get a Just Over Broke. Anyone can sit and cram a bunch of outdated information into their brains according to some pre-determined schedule of matriculation, provided they have the money/loans to pay for it. Truly friends, am I wrong? I don't mean to be offensive for those of you who are proud of your hard work getting through nursing school. I am sure it was difficult, as was anything in your life that you wanted bad enough to go out and make happen for yourself. My actual point is that no one is better than anyone else, and if we continue to allow the medical profession to proceed along this hierarchical and egotistical path, we will hurt more people than heal. Course my other point is how sad it was to see a woman putting down another woman. Women have enough to deal with in our lives, support from other females is imperative!

    Here are some thoughts to leave you with...

    Judgment is the bane of our existence. It causes the majority of the world's problems.

    People who judge are insecure and look to others to provide them with security and self worth. For those of us who recognize this, it is our job is to encourage them find it from within so they stop the cycle of destruction.

    The people we often rely on to set the standard for human relations are often the least secure and who have dedicated their lives to proving their worth and significance. Just look at the palpable egos of many politicians, talk show hosts, news reporters, entertainers, entreprenuers, athletes, et al. And look at their untimely deaths, too, as they turn to drugs as an escape from...themselves.

    There is a UNGODLY lack of feminine energy (whether coming from a male or female) flowing freely through this world.

    Both sexes hold women back, not just men. Feminine aggression is innate, it starts young and continues throughout the life cycle without conscious awareness and continued resolve to ending it.

    Most of the degrading names used to insult a person refer to a woman. Don't believe me? Bi%ch, slu^, h0e, wh0re, (unt, hu$$y. Even the names used to insult a man refer back to a woman eg. $on of a bi%ch, ba$tard, %ussy, you ____ like a girl.

    Healthy competition is most healthy when it is used with oneself, not against another human being. You'll achieve more, and you won't hurt anyone along the way.

    Sorry friends, had to practice my therapeutic skills on someone. Might as well be the people who are in a daily and genuine position to exemplify compassion, love, and acceptance toward other human beings. May you lead the rest of your personal and professional lives with these timeless traits of human kindness and remain grateful for the unique opportunity life has given you to make the difference in this world you were intended to make.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I've been a nurse for 18 years, an APN for almost 5 now and sorry, but in the real world I just don't see this.
  4. by   sheetskr
    Don't apologize, that's great news. I shouldn't have let her rattle me. It's just a big sacrifice for me to go back to school at 34 when a big part of me would rather be earning money to care for my existing family (mom and brother with MMD, another brother with schizophrenia so I'm the only breadwinner) and starting a family of my own. You know when I look at those beliefs they are wrong. My husband can be the breadwinner for now and it's not like having a family and going to graduate school are mutually exclusive. Plenty of people have done it.

    Thanks for the reply, it helped me re-align my thinking and get back on track.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Sometimes you have to take naysayers and vow not to always believe everything everyone says.

    Find someone who is happy in their job and talk with them to get a better balanced approach. Also, I know when I have a bad day (ie very busy, the pager and phone don't stop and I'm just overwhelmed), I'm not always objective either.

    Good luck with your future plans.