Journey to ARNP

  1. Hello there, I am a current ADN/BSN dual track student, and am aspiring to become a FNP. I was just wondering if someone could give me some advice on what I need to do after my program is complete. Thank you. And I would appreciate any and all feedback.
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  3. by   aprnKate
    Pass your NCLEX- RN exam. Try to get a job specialty in ER or ICU or some other specialty that will hone your assessment skills. I come from an ER RN background and I thought that coming from ER background helped me a lot when I was in NP school since I got to know a lot of the protocols the PA and MDs around me practiced. Shadow/observe a nurse practitioner and do your research about this advanced practice to determine if this is what you want. Build good rapport with your managers/co-workers/physicians/nurse practitioners that you work may need them to write you a letter of recommendation for NP school. Do extracurricular activities/volunteer work in the community...FNP focuses on primary care...your experience in community work may come in handy when you are writing your personal statement not to mention you can also have one of your co-volunteer or the organizer of the community event/activity be one of your references.