Initial Prescription Limits

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    I am in Pennsylvania and I had a quick question about prescribing laws for schedule 2 medications. My understanding was that for schedule 2 I had a 30 day limit and for schedule 3-5 it was a 90 day limit, period. However, according to a local pharmacist, for an initial prescription there is a 72 hour limit for schedule 2, otherwise the collaborating physician must co-sign? Is this correct? The only place I could find anything like that was for PAs and CNMs. I checked the NP practice act, nursing state board, pharmacy state board - nothing.

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  3. by   ghillbert
    Go to the source of the regulations, as the pharmacist should do:

    The rules prior limited Pennsylvania CRNPs to 72hr dose of Schedule II and 30d of Schedule III or IV.

    The bulletin regarding the 2009 changes:
    PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 09-2276

    Additionally, your prescriptive authority agreement on file with the state specifically spells out what day supply you are authorized to prescribe, as should your hospital collaborative agreement.