I need to interview an RN, here are a few questions I need answered

  1. My name is Jamie and I have to interview and RN for a career research project I am doing. I would be very appreciative if an RN could answer the following questions.

    1.) How long have you been an RN?

    2.) How did you become interested in this career?

    3.) What do you like the most about your job and why?

    4.) What do you like the least about your job and why?

    5.) What abilities or characteristics are needed on this job?

    6.) How would you advise someone to prepare for this job?

    7.) What does the outlook for this profession look like?

    8.) Have you ever felt that your job places you in danger?

    9.) In your job is it more difficult to deal with the patients or the family of the patients and why?

    10.) Is there one type of nursing you couldn't or wouldn't do and if so what and why?
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  3. by   Heogog53
    Contact me privately and I'll answer your questions.
  4. by   Christen, ANP
    send me a PM if you need another response.
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    Go to your account and check for private messages. Once you log in, "My account" is right next to your name. Click on that and you should find two private messages. If you need more explanation or discussion, contact me privately.
  6. by   Amy2020
    Hi, I also need to interview a RN for my nursing class assignment. Can any RN answer the following questions:

    1. what is your perception of the role of the registered nurse?

    2. has that perception changed since you first entered nursing?

    3. In what area(s) of nursing have you worked?

    4. did you feel you needed different types of communication for each specialty area? if so, how did your communicatio differ?

    5. with whom do you communicate most frequently?

    6. how important do you believe communication is in a nurse/client relationship?

    7. are there insights or tips you can give me that you have discovered enchance communication with clients or others?

    Thanks in advance for your time and effort for answering these questions.
  7. by   deenasao
    I'm another student who needs to interview a nurse. If you would be willing, please PM me or email at deenasao AT hotmail DOT com

    I'll send you homemade cookies for your time. (there are 12 questions)