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  1. Hey!
    I am a WHNP new graduate and i have been looking for a job for about 9 months now. I have passed my board and i have my TX license. Did anyone else find it hard to find a job in the Women's health field as an NP, how long did it take you? how did you end up finding your first job. Any suggestions are welcome.
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  3. by   ms_sgr
    I'm not in Women's Health but Texas is a tough state for all NP's. I live in Dallas and will be relocating to Washington State in a rural area for AGNP. Have you looked into the rural areas? Are you a member of the Women's Health NP association?

    Jeremy is a recruiter and this is his number 972-807-7820

    These are the sites that I used.

    Healthcare Jobs & Medical Jobs | Health eCareers

    Physician and Healthcare Job Board |

    Physician Jobs, Contingency Physician Recruitment and Staffing

    ARNP Jobs | MultiCare Health System Jobs
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    Thank you, I will reach out to him. I am a member of North Texas Nurse Practitioner. we just bought a house here so i'm kinda stuck in the area lol. Thank you so much, i'll look at the websites.
  5. by   flowerpowerntx
    Have you tried Planned Parenthood?