Finding MD to Work With

  1. What is a good way to network with local MD's to work under once out of school if independent practice is the goal? I really want to skip the hospital setting and go straight to the more independent area. I am sure in GA NP's must work under MD. Hopefully this will change in coming years. I am interested in working in either an STD clinic or Medispa which is almost unfounded territory, but as long as I stay within my scope I should be fine. Would it be better to find 'new' MD's? And how?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I think I would first look at your practice act and find out how independent you can be and then go from there.
  4. by   coco3299
    It doesn't matter how independent I can be, I am researching that, but I still want to know how one would go about finding doctors to work with anywhere. You obv misread the question.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Well, to me at least, it does depend on how independent you can be in your state as to how willing physicians will be to work with you and what you will need to offer as an incentive.

    As to finding physicians, I would consider the physicians you currently see on a daily basis as good resources to finding other physicians. Your state medical board if you are wanting a specialty physician would be another good place to try.

    You might also try your state's advanced practice nursing organization - there you would find other APNs who might be interested or already do what you want to do and they might be able to steer you in the right direction.
  6. by   Angelina_fnp
    I have a physician partner in an independant practice who I found doing contract work. A fellow NP of mine with a private practice found hers through her church.

    Private practice isn't all its cracked up to be and I wouldn't recomend it straight out of school. If you do any cosmetic procedures your professional liability inurance is 3-4 times what it would be otherwise. Thats right, instead of $1500 my professional liabiltiy insurance would be $5000 if I injected botox (or any other cosmetic procedure).

    Unless you have a couple hundred thousand dollars (yes thats right). I would not reccomend it. I am working a full time job and have a micro practice on the side (i.e. very low overhead and it is just me doing ALL the work). It is terribly frustrating.

    My suggestion is to work for someone on a salary or hourly rate in the field you think you want to go into. Learn all you can about the administrative processes, regulations, etc and go from there.

    I agree that having to have a collaborating physician is irritating because it just adds additional expense. As a clinician if I need help I will ask a fellow clinician for guidance (NP or MD) and refer out as needed. If you haven't built that kind of network then having an MD who you are paying for his "oversight" services can be helpful.