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  1. Hi all,

    I am sitting for my FNP ANCC exam in 36 hours and am scared Poopless! I have been studying all summer, and cramming last 7 days. I am using Fitzgerald review materials/cds, and the Leik review book. I am just so nervous I will fail. I have a job lined up and need to pass!

    Any suggestions, or even some confidence???

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    Did you find the fitzgerald materials helpful? Telll me more about the Leik review book. ANCC has an online review course that I am contemplating about taking. Have you heard anything positive about their course?
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    A word of encouragement...

    You have passed an enormous hurdle over the last few years, obtaining the education required to sit for this exam. This can be no small accomplishment, and nothing, can take this away from achieved this...and you will achieve your board exam...Most schools have a better than 95 percent pass rate...and even if the worst case scenario is that you do not do well....then you will overcome this, and as with all things, make something better of it...

    You are a success...and no one can make you a failure...passing a test is only just this...I know a lot of things hinge on this...and it means an awful lot to you...but your are awesome...and that you can't psyche yourself out over this....

    In the end, it is a piece of paper, with a lot of questions written on it, that you most likely have seem quite a few of these questions matter won't take your life, your children's, or your loved can't steal your health...and cannot take the love away from you that all those I mentioned will give you...regardless of its outcome.
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    Whether you realize it or now, you have retained a lot. You know more than you think you do. This exam is geared towards entry level, you are not going to see things you haven't learned about. Fitzgerald review is excellent and prepares you fully for the exam. Take a deep breath, say a prayer, take your time and read each ? fully and carefully. By the end of the day you will be a certified FNP!
    It is my prayer you'll do well!
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    Good luck. I am taking Fitzgerald in April and want to sit for the AANP exam early so I know what you are feeling.