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  1. hello everyone, I am an RN, BSN and looking to go back to school to be a family NP. Dermatology interests me and I am unsure of how to gain experience. Is specializing in dermatology a wise decision? Is working in a derm office in demand or as lucrative as other NP paths? I have no experience with dermatology how would I gain experience? should i start with getting botox certified or other certifications?

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  3. by   Tinabeanrn
    We had an Derm FNP do our dermatology lecture. They do lots of procedures and make a nice amount of money. I would seek out Derm FNPs and see about shadowing them before you go into it. Are there other areas of FNP that interest you? Dermatology may be pretty narrow and therefore, more difficult to find work in as a graduate nurse practitioner.