Does your specialty fit your personality?/Why did you choose your specialty?

  1. My name is Katherine and I'm 25 years old. I graduate college with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, specifically Sculpture using fibers and metal and Glassblowing. I've always loved art, but I've always been fascinated by science and medicine more. I recently had surgery on my left bicep, the belly of the muscle had been severed more than 50% otherwise known as a high grade bicep tear. The whole process of getting injured then getting repaired and now recovering has taken me away from my job making high end handmade glass chandeliers for hotels and casinos. Truth be told I couldn't be happier, or more interested in my daily routine. So I've decided to make a career change, but haven't quite decided what medical field I'm more interested in.

    I was wondering why people in the nursing field chose the specialty they're in. Why did you think that would be a good career path for you? Are you happy or are you looking for a change to? Does your specialty fit your personality? Or was it the people, the work, the science, the money, the location, the availability, your home life? Or was it the interest, the excitement, the fascination, the work environment, the advancement opportunities, or the possibility for discovery? Did you just like the idea of helping people, is it as rewarding as you thought or is it just pure love of your career?

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