DEA license wait times??

  1. Newer NPs.... how long did it take to get your DEA this year? I have seen some older threads stating it doesn't take long for a new license. I am currently waiting on my CSR from Indiana, then I will apply for my DEA. I was supposed to start my new job Nov 1, but it looks like Dec 1 is more realistic.
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  3. by   elizabell
    Mine was a new license, not a renewal -- but it took <1 week.
  4. by   BostonFNP
    DEA wait times vary by your local state office. Some are great others are not.
  5. by   atki
    About a week. Call your local office after about a week to check on the status. They can often give you some info over the phone a week or 2 before you get the paper in the mail.
  6. by   WVFNP
    I literally just completed mine and had it within 5 days of submitting.
  7. by   KatieMI
    I do not know what is up with mine then. My app was submitted in October, we called several times in D. C. - 4 to 6 weeks. Still d*** waiting.