1. hello, my name is michelle. i am in california.
    i am a new grad. for cna and hha. i am having a hard time finding a good paying position within the nursing field.

    (i don't understand how i can possess over thirteen years of customer service experience, team leadership and can type 50+ words per minute-having 10-key knowledge as well ---i was making $16 hr + ben. with only a hs diploma... to now making on min. wage.... with schooling? how does this work? how can you go to school and be trained and loose money?!? )

    anyone in the s. ca area know of open positions within the hospitals that need a great cna with current licenses and 13 years of customer service background?

    any helpful information, on how to proceed will be greatly appreciated.

    please!??! i don't know what to do?
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  3. by   Jennie2010
    I hate to tell you this but CNA's are lucky if they get up to $14 at the max. depending on the state you live in. Here in Kansas it depends on how much experience you have as an HHA or CNA. Most places will start you at $10.25 or so an hour and you work your way up. That is how it is. If you are interested in being an NA why did you not research the financial stuff before you started? They don't care if you have customer service experience or not. ou will not make as much as you did working at your last job. Some places will hire you if you make a comittment to them and they will pay for your nursing school if you are interested but you will not be making as much until you finish your school and end your comittment with them.
  4. by   mlpost
    I have been a CNA for 6 years. and it tough for me to get $12/hour in homecare. the hospitals pay better around here (even though not many are hiring!) but there are places that want to pay me $10.65/hour, and pay my friend who just became a cna 9.75/hour...ridiculous that 6 years of experience gets me 90 cents more than a new grad cna! anyway, i would try hospitals or long term care facilities. unfortunately as much as i love homecare i cant make enough to pay my mortgage doing that anymore. most long term care facilites will pay for nursing school also, however, it is a very tough feild...I am in the middle of my nursing program and its tension headaches every day! Good luck!
  5. by   GooeyRN
    Sorry. I don't think you will find better pay, sadly. Though CNA's deserve WAY more money than that. Try an agence or per-diem if you don't need bennies, you may get a few more $/hr that way.
  6. by   branbran77
    I also have years of coutomer service exp (10years)........iv been an aid for 3 years and went from making $14 an hour to 11.50 .........ur exp isnt going to help u get a better paying job though it will help u deal with unruly residents and pt...............................give them the pickle
  7. by   LuLu2008
    The question for me is, if you can earn more in customer service, why would you want to work as a CNA?
  8. by   TonySTN
    yeah whats the reason
  9. by   branbran77
    LOL if you become a CNA for the pay then your in the wrong profession...I didnt do it for the money and i also plan on getting my nursing licens ...I like helping people and i like medicine
  10. by   ohboy09
    If I left on my first day as a CNA before my shift was over, they can of course terminate me, but can that be reported as abandonment as well? I was only there several hours. Won't get into details, but it was orientation, and first day on job. (I know, I know, sounds bad, but believe me I had reasons. Although I wish I had just waited until the end of my shift).

    This was first job as CNA - have only had license a month! Please help! I will be talking to the employer today, about details of what happened, but I've read they can't report abandonment on CNA's unless you're a home health aide, or left patient in danger, etc..? I am new to all of this, and the laws. I don't think they will report me (if they can), but I'm not sure. Seems like others on here have mentioned it being like bullying....trying to scare me and make me stay?? I just need to know what to do.
    Should I call the Board of Nursing to find out? Think I will do that just in case, but appreciate your knowledge on this.
    I know it was wrong, but it was awful. I was wrong to leave that way. It was my first day, and I didn't have any "assigned" patients, but I'm really scared about this. No patient was under MY "care". I'm not making light of my actions, just stating what happened, and what I've read so far on various blogs. Thank you for your help! Oh, boy. I've never done anything like that, and would have waited had I known they can (maybe?) report me? What if they say they won't, but they do? Oh gosh, please help.
  11. by   LuLu2008
    I don't know the law on this, but speaking off the top of my hat, it would seem that the nurse supervising you would ultimately bear the responsibility of abandonment. Unfortunately.
  12. by   ohboy09
    But my supervisor (LVN I believe) wasn't even there when I left to my knowledge. I looked for her, but several people told me she was gone for the day. How could she be reported for abandonment. Unless she wasn't supposed to leave or something? But she wouldn't do that...she didn't seem like the type. (Like me It's not funny, I know, but it's either laugh a little and brush myself off, or cry and feel humiliated and stupid all day today. I had no idea she was leaving, and it was another CNA that I observed during the 3 hrs I was there. There were several LVNs and other CNAs there. It's an Assisted Living facility, and everyone was eating their dinner when I left. Some in their rooms, most in the dining room. None of them need help eating, and the few that did had family members helping them.

    I don't know what to do. It was horrible. I won't discuss it all here, but should I wait for someone to call me, since I've sent the letter to the DON? Or, do I go ahead and call today before my shift was supposed to begin (still orientation) even though everyone knows I won't be back? I'm scared to call that supervisor! I'm chicken, yes. But I don't know what to say to her. She doesn't work today, anyway. I'm sure the DON will contact me within the next couple of days. But I'm not going to badmouth the staff, and I didn't in my letter. A lot of it was indeed just me, and not handling the situation right. But I had no one to go to! lol. Craziness.

    It was stupid, I know, and so immature, for me to just leave.... let's just say it was pretty bad and more of an "employee" issue - not a resident issue at all. I'm humiliated by acting so hastily, but what's done is done. My Supervisor (I guess she was my supervisor... technically... see - that's what I'm talking about. I wasn't able to discuss the position, etc, and many important things and didn't fill out any paperwork..nothing).
    Then, when she was ready for me, I was in the middle of handing out beverages in the dining room. After I did that, I went to her office and no one was there. That's when people said she left. She didn't even tell me. I just felt so "lost", and the CNA I was observing seemed put out because I had to ask questions, and I understand that - training is never fun, but what the heck? It was crazy. I know it will take several weeks to get used to wherever I end up working, but it was like I was a "burden" rather than anyone being glad I was there to help. And on top of that, first thing yesterday morning (my 1st day, remember) a lady asked my name, etc, and said "Oh, we just had a girl quit with the same first name"... omg. yes. But then she quickly said "Oh.. but she moved". Yeah, right. So that wasn't a good thing to hear my first day. lol.

    I am a very easy going person. I get along with all personalities. I have never in my life acted that way, and just left any place of employment. It was wrong, and I wrote a very professional (as professional as you can get in this situation) letter and emailed it last night. The lady (RN or LVN... I have no clue) who I spoke with most on the phone before my first day left me a voicemail on my cell phone yesterday saying that I could be reported with "abandonment" for doing that. She wasn't really rude, but it scared me. I had no patients assigned to me. Not until Monday when orientation was going to be over.

    Anyway, I know some of this sounds so immature and stupid - and some of it is, but it's not who I usually am, and this was just a very odd situation/day that within 3 hours had me out the door. I had no guidance. Not that I can't do anything, that's not what I mean. It was like they were all bummed out that I didn't have any experience at all yet, and one girl made the comment "they gave me a big-time rookie". She said it in front of me, but was talking to someone else, and she meant it in good fun - to a certain extent, but I could tell she was bummed about it. Now... I don't usually let things bother me, and I'm pretty thick-skinned. That's not what the issue was. It was like I was invisible, and they didn't need my help, and when I helped with certain things, it wasn't how "she" did it, and I slowed her down, etc...
    I know everyone develops their routine, and everything, but it wasn't like I was asking tons of questions. And the few I did have she shook her head and acted like I should know everything about that place that she knew. But she wasn't rude to me. She was nice for the most part.

    It was a combination of feeling like a burden, having no real first-day "orientation" where I could ask my questions about the job and facility, my schedule, etc. I was just left to follow the CNA for 3 hrs and handed out drinks at dinner time. Then, I go to report to my supervisor for the paperwork, etc, and she's gone! I thought she worked until the end of my shift, because she was there (somewhere) during the time I was there, and left at an odd time. Possibly overtime, I don't know. But I should have known something! Good grief! Not that she had to report to me, but my gosh - I was so confused and just had a bad feeling about the place. Nice place, but looks can be deceiving, I guess. Again, it's not that the people were rude to my face. It's just like I was in the way, and I had no idea why I was even there. That was the main issue. That, and my supervisor "abandoning" ME, and not giving me any clue whatsoever about anything. lol.

    Feel free to give more advice on this...thank you to those who already have. It's too complicated to really explain, and what I did mention isn't all that happened, and I've mentioned quite a bit. Despite this first experience, I love what I do, and look forward to my future in nursing. : )

    Thanks again!
  13. by   LuLu2008
    You can be your own worst enemy by saying TOO MUCH. Don't say anything and wait to see what action will be taken, if any! Keep copies of everything that you have written or received. Keep anecdotal private notes for the record. And smile, move on.
  14. by   sherrib14
    As a former CNA and a current LPN - You are living in the wrong state!!!! CNA's are in so much demand here in ERIE PA -- It's unbelievable. Good luck I wish you the best.