Career guidance for new BSN grad

  1. I am graduating from my accelerated BSN program this May. I have decided I would eventually like to become a primary care APRN who works specifically with the adolescent population. I had a clinical rotation in a urban high school "school based health clinic" and really enjoyed it. I am trying to figure out what types of jobs to apply for. Should I try to work on a medical surgical floor? A pediatric medical surgical floor? I was not a "peds" person until my rotation in the school based health clinic. I thought I wanted to work with adults. I am not saying that I am not good with younger kids, just that my interest is in the adolescent and older population. I do understand that adolescents are still children, but I find them to be a unique population both mentallly and physiologically. I did a little research on school based health clinics in the area I will be applying, and I don't see many RN roles. They seem to be mostly staffed by APRNs, MDs and medical assistants.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    One area I can suggest is to seek staff nurse positions in ED's. I know when I worked in the ED as a staff nurse, there were quite a bit of adolescent girls who show up with pelvic and abdominal pains and many had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Many were engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse and some tested positive for STD's. Definitely a great opportunity for counselling especially if you're a nurse who has an interest in reaching out to this population. On top of that, you also get exposed to a variety of acute and primary care issues in patients covering the entire lifespan while working in the ER setting.
  4. by   pretty_beets
    Thanks for the response! I actually was interested in the ED and even did an internship in one. However, I feared as a new grad that actually working in one right out of school might be getting in over my head.