Adult NP or Psychiatric NP

  1. Hello everyone, I am having a difficult time deciding which route I want to go. I know that I would like to continue my education but not sure which field I should pick. Would anyone care to give me some information or share some thoughts on both fields? It seems that Adult Primary Care Nursing would allow me a better job selection but a psychiatric NP would allow maybe a better or more diverse patient selection. Thank you.
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  3. by   marilynmom
    Ive decided to pursue the Psych NP. Do you want to do psych or medical??? Have you worked with psych patients before? I work with teenagers and though I want to strangle them sometimes, I do enjoy it.

    From everything I have read, PsychNP are in great demand because there are so few of them and PsychNP gets paid more. I do wonder about certain areas of the country becoming oversaturated with FNP....lots of posts Ive been reading about not being able to find a job. PsychNP your not going to have that problem.

    Ive decided to go with Psych because there are so many people with psychiatric issues anymore and you also deal with medical aspects as well (I know a lot of our patients have medical issues, some just basic, some more complex) psych is more mainstream (for lack of a better word) and people are seeking out their servives more and more. Plus I think psych patients are so interesting lol.

    Its hard to network with other psychNP and potential PsychNPs so feel free to PM me! Im hoping to start a PsychNP program in the spring.
  4. by   Mental1
    Personally, I went into nursing because I liked psych so much. Many people were shocked when I announced that I was going for my psych np. I really had no interest in any family, adult np program because I really never liked med-surg nursing.

    Go with where your interest lies and what makes you happy. While there are many opportunities in the psych area, it is not area you should pursue advanced education in if it is not something you can see yourself doing for 10+ years.

    I don't think you will have a tough time finding a job with an ACNP or PMHNP.

    Good luck!