1. I am currently an RN with almost 1 year of ICU-stepdown experience. I am looking to apply and then start a graduate program in Fall of 2010, after I get a year of critical care experience. I am currently looking at Anesthesia Assistant (AA) programs and CRNA programs. My question is, if I get accepted into an AA program and decide to attend, does anyone know if I could do a completion program to become CRNA later?
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  3. by   Divergirl
    I don't believe so. There are very specific requirements set forth by the AANA and there is a lot of tension regarding AA vs CRNA. If you're already a nurse, I would go the CRNA route. You will have more autonomy and better job options. Some states do not allow AA so your practice will be limited. Check out gaswork.com and look at the number of jobs available for AA vs CRNA.