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Hey guys. I have been working in an adult med surg unit for almost 3 years now. My heart is still with pediatrics and I really want a job working with pedi. I have applied several places with no interviews. Is there any advice on how to get a pediatric job after working adults? Any advice is appreciated. Ps. I live in the Houston area.

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Does your current hospital has a peds unit? See if there's any way you can shadow or ask to be cross trained to that unit to pick up some experience for your resume. Network with the peds nursing staff. They may know who to talk to internally or externally to help you get your foot in the door. If no peds unit at your current place, see about shadowing at another hospital.


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Thank you, no peds unit at my current hospital but I'm interviewing with a hospital who does have one. I will ask about cross training there if I get in, and work for a little while. Does volunteering at a peds hospital have any pull in getting an interview?