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Adult/Gerontology versus FNP

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I am currently in a nurse practitioner program and have decided to do the adult/gerontology, but have began second guessing myself on my choice. I have no desire to work with children so I thought that It would save money and time to not study pediatrics. I still do not plan to work with children yet feel like I will ne limiting my employment potential by specializing in adult and gerontology. Please help any advice would be appreciated

HI, I too am in this situation. I am currently an Adult NP and I have recently re-enroll to get my FNP post grad certificate. I do not like dealing with Peds and do not want to work with kids either, but have found myself to be more marketable as a FNP.

I think it all depends where you want to work in the furture. If you were planning on working in the ER, then you most likeley will have to have your FNP cert. I am starting the FNP program this fall and I also would not like to work with peds, but I do want the ER to be an employment option.

That is the reason why I switched major to FNP.

I switched to FNP also.