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ADON or Secretary

The new administrator has posed a question does the DON want an ADON or a secretary. Her thoughts are the secretary can do reports, filing etc. We have 200 beds with 4 UM, Supervisors on each shift Staff Dev and QA Nurse as well as staffing coordinator. I'm leaning towards an ADON who can also help with clinical follow up, discipline, and management of staff as well as utilize to fill in for UM. Any thoughts?


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I would want an ADON to assist when I was out as the DON. It's good that you have SDC, QA and 4 UM's for a high census set-up. Just make sure you have a versatile RN that has experience in multiple different areas and is willing to be flexible. If you have a secretary, then it will limit the ways in wish he or she can assist you whereas the ADON will free the DON up for more administrative nursing director activities, like improving a clinical outcome or starting a new program or project.


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