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ADON in a nursing home to FNP?


I may transition from hospital work to working in a nursing home/rehab center as the Asst Director of Nursing. This position will require me to be hands-on with the residents. I will also be the primary wouncare and infectious- control Nurse once they put me through the classes and I obtain the certs. I will begin my coursework for FNP this September, it will take me 3ish years to complete. When it comes time to finding work as a FNP in 3ish years, do you think my recent experience as an ADON will look good to prospective employers, or, is recent hospital work mostly desired?

Currently an ADON-36 bed unit and just graduated and passed AANP as FNP. You have 3 positions all lumped into one, that's a lot speaking from experience and you going to need all the help you can get on the unit.