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Im very confused about this . Which one would be the better I'm a single mother of two and dont have the time to go back to school and was wondering which one would I should do. Im still doing my pre-reqs, so I have sometime time to think about which is best . Anyone have any suggestions? I really would like to hear your ideas.

If possible, you should get your BSN now and get it over with. Then you don't have to be worrying about being put in a bind in the future. Often people find that with wait lists and lotteries and such, it is easier in some instances to be admitted to a BSN program instead of the ADN programs in their area. But if you want entry to the workforce faster (maybe, if you are accepted right away with no rejections or wait lists), you might want to go the ADN route, then work on your BSN. Whatever your decision, good luck.


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Well, I can only tell you why I chose BSN over ADN as I refuse to pass judgement stating one is better than the other. My reasons being, is the ADN programs around me either have bad reputations, or have waiting lists. In addition all the hosipitals near me. ( we have a ton) are switching to only hire at least BSN and urging ADN's ( current employees)to bridge. or at least that is what I was told. I want to either work at Children's or the Maternity ward eventually so I chose the BSN route. I thankfully have a wonderful supporative husband who stands beside me and knudged me the BSN route attending the unversity here instead of the cc and supports our family (2 beautiful kids) without requiring me to work althouth we struggle monthly it will truely be worth it in the end when I am doing something I love and contributing to our families wealth. Good luck in your decision. :)

If you want to move up in management..BSN is the way to go.

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