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ADN and NCLEX query

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I am Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) from Toronto, Canada, practicing RPN for past 4 years in hospital setting. Now I am planning to work in SF, California. I don't know anyone who is a nurse in the United States that's why I am hoping to get a response from you. So my question is if I may be eligible for NCLEX RN? where can I find more information regarding it?

Originally I had thought I would have to write NCLEX PN because I thought your LPN / LVN program was similar to our RPN program here in Canada, but after doing some research I realized it is similar to your ADN program. RPNs scope of practice in Canada is much wider than LPN/LVN in the states. We basically do everything from giving PO meds to giving Packed RBCs to a pt and everything in between. So I am hoping to convert my Practical nursing diploma (2 years long with proper clinical rotations and preceptorship) from Canada into ADN and write NCLEX- RN

Thank you.

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