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Adminstering Blood??

by ShanaLynn329 ShanaLynn329 (New) New

I am in nursing school and we have check offs tomorrow on various skills. One of them is blood administering. When I practiced with fake blood in class my blood would always run back up into my NS after I primed the tubing with the NS. What am I doing wrong??? Please help I might have to do this tomorrow at 9 in the morning and I don't know what my deal is :o) Thanks!!

After you prime the tubing with NS, make sure the side of the Y tubing to the saline is clamped before you open the side of the Y where the blood is spiked. Good luck!

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After you prime with the NS, clamp off the NS before opening the blood.

Hope that helps


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Make sure you have clamped the NS tubing after priming the tubing. Then unclamp your blood.

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