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ADL Index


I hope these questions aren't stupid, but, I have a graph that is called "Crosswalk of MDS 2.0 Items & RUG III groups, it shows:

catagory: ADL Index MDS RUG III CODES

Ultra High Rehab + Extensive Svcs. 16-18 RUX

Very High Rehab + Extensive Svcs. 16-18 RVX

High Rehab + Extensive Svcs., etc... 13-18 RHX

How are thes ADL index numbers obtained?

Also what is the dif. between Case Mix Index & Non Case Mix Index?

We have had a change in leadership here & are trying to get everything together the right way!



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Case mix index definition can be found in the RAI Appendix A Glossary

Non-case mix is explained here ... http://www.cms.hhs.gov/manuals/downloads/clm104c06.pdf p39

Don't worry much about it. It's all about how a reimbursement is broken down into. Your business office should have a grip on what it's all about.

Open RUGIII from this post https://allnurses.com/forums/f281/mds-pps-ltc-tools-needed-328187.html#post3063229

It's more informative than the basic crosswalk.

Attached is a sample of ADL INDEX scoring


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