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ADHD & military nursing

by Bleblenurs18 Bleblenurs18 (New) New Student

Hello all,

I’m currently in nursing school, and graduating December 2020. for as long as I can remember going into the military after obtaining my BSN has been a top goal of mine. I have never had the highest GPA (this is my second degree) and so far in nursing school my GPA is less than a 3.0. A few months ago I was really struggled and I have kind of always struggled in school. My professor suggested I get evaluated for ADHD, I have prolonged doing this because a recruiter told me that an ADHD diagnosis is an automatic disqualification for Army nursing. I was wondering if anyone has heard of someone getting a medical waiver for ADHD? My goal was to work for a year+ as a psych nurse, then start my MSN and commission in psych or medsurg in the reserves. Questions I ask myself; Will my low GPA hunt me forever? Should I get the evaluation done and possibly see an increase in my grades ? Should I just let the dream go and just stick to civilian nursing? Most importantly is it possible to get a waiver if I am diagnosed with ADHD?

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Very doubtful in this climate.