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ADHD Medications


Anyone know if health care facilities test for ADHD medications? If so, does that violate or set up a person to be discriminated against? Does it breach privacy rights of the employee? Just curious.

rockchickrn, ADN

Specializes in Psych. Has 26 years experience.

The meds would show up in a drug screen but if you have a valid prescription to show them you should be OK.

verene, MSN

Specializes in mental health / psychiatic nursing.

Stimulants are part of the normal 10-drug screening panel that almost all healthcare places require for employment, that being said as long as you have a valid prescription any positive result (unless WAY outside of normal parameters for usual prescribed use) will be forwarded to your employer as a "negative for illicit substance use" and your employer will not know you are taking them.

Thank you for feedback. I'm off the ADHD meds because I was misdiagnosed. I have epilepsy. Argh....can't believe doctors did not test for this in the beginning especially when I have a family history of it. Anti seizure meds have changed my life!