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Addressing an incoming nursing class


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Hey all -

So, my old dean of nursing contacts me and wants me to talk to her incoming nursing class, because I was a student who nearly failed out, but was able to turn it around, and have a lot of success in the program. So, I'll be talking about that - But, what are some other ideas to talk to them about? It's been some time since I've been an incoming RN student, and frankly, I'm a little stumped on what they would be interested in...


I am a new graduate nurse who is about to begin a critical care residency program. As a nursing student I wanted to know what I could be doing while a student to really prepare myself for critical care. Also, I think sometimes the nsg programs push the knowledge base which is important, but very few actually have faculty members who teach critical thinking. As an ICU nurse I would imagine critical thinking is a critical skill needed in order to be a proficient and safe ICU nurse. you may want to do a simple case study of a "typical" ICU patient and walk through your thought process, so the students can see and hear how you think critically about all the body systems, medications, IV lines, etc.

Good luck!!

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