2018 CARN Exam Prep? Please help

  1. Hey everyone!!
    I just got the go ahead to schedule for my CARN Exam and I feel there isn't much out there to prep properly so naturally I am stressing out a little. Anybody have any tips, or recommended texts to use to prep? I would be forever grateful. I have a text on Addictions Med that I like and was gifted to me by a physician I work closely with but I am not sure if its what I should be reading. I am a year away from being a Psych NP but still think having my CARN cert would be nice.

    Thank You!! Wish me luck!

    -(fingers crossed) Future CARN
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  3. by   Cploof
    Hi, I just came across your listing. Have you taken the CARN-AP yet? Do you have any additional advice for future test takers?