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Addiction Medicine & NP role

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Hello everyone-

I am a new grad AGNP (Primary Care) and being considered for a position in an addiction medicine clinic. The physician is very welcoming of new grad NPs as he's had great experience and success with them. As most know, new grad NP positions are scarce, and I would honestly love the opportunity to begin my NP career. However, I'm just not sure whether this type of position would be better suited for a PMHNP vs an AGNP. The MD I spoke with is passionate about his patients and utilizes the MAT model. He seemed very supportive of his providers and truly enjoy teaching this specialty. Thoughts? I would appreciate any information from current NPs working in this role.

Thank you for your time!

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thinbluelineRN is a MSN, NP and specializes in Corrections, Public Health, Occupational Medicine.

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I have a new grad friend who is a FNP and works in pain medicine/addiction and he loves it. I have a bit of a psych background and would love to work addiction medicine but there are no openings in my area thus I took a job in occupational medicine which I like as well.

Goodluck in your decision. 

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