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Acute dialysis travel

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10GaugeNeedles has 11 years experience as a BSN and works as a Acute Dialysis.

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Anybody have experience in acute dialysis travel agencies? I realize there aren’t many specific agencies for HD and big HD companies have in house travellers.

Main question is, did they have orientation? Did it matter if you never worked with their machine before? What was the pay like? Tell me your experience? Cheers. 

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So yes, two big companies has most of the chronic travel jobs - because that's where chronic is done. That said, there are a couple of independent travel companies that specialize in dialysis (including placement at the big two) and all travel companies gets occasional orders for acute. The bigger the agency, the more orders they get.

Yes, dialysis travelers with specific experience in a facility's equipment will have the edge over all others. 

Not a dialysis nurse, but this is an accurate description from the travel business perspective.

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