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Active TB patient, HIGH possibility of drug resistance, +skin test

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Hi guys,

I had a patient come in a few weeks ago who had active TB. This patient had been diagnosed positive years ago and stopped taking the antibiotics so could have developed drug resistance. I had a positive skin test after exposure. Have not had the chest x Ray yet. Most of the nurses I work with are telling me not to worry about it, but I would like some input as to my next steps. Keep in mind I have only been a nurse for a few months so please be kind. I have tried to look up everything I can on TB but still need advice.

I know at some facilities a positive skin test alone requires you to undergo INH. I honestly would like to do this prophylactically anyway.

I have not had any active symptoms like night sweats, weight loss, or fever. I have been sneezing and feeling run down but I also have allergies. I live with my two 80 year old parents.

Should I ask for a culture assay if the patient was drug resistant and get treated with those antibiotics? Or is just INH enough? How long does it take to show up on chest x rays if I have latent or active TB? Do my parents and boyfriend need to get a skin test? If I'm not coughing but have been sneezing could I be contagious to them?

Thanks in advance

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Per the terms of service, we cannot offer you medical advice here. Your anxiety is totally understandable. I would recommend a consultation with an Infectious Disease specialist to get the answers you are looking for and hopefully put your mind at ease.

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