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Hi! I'm starting to look at setting up my clinical rotations and I have to have a hospitalist and intensivist rotation, and have the ability/option to also do a specialty rotation to meet the total hours requirement.

I was wondering for those of you who had a speciality rotation, what was it and do you feel it was beneficial to you overall? I just want to make sure my clinical rotations help me succeed/learn and are not only to get hours for graduation.


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I approached my clinical rotations by thinking ahead and looking into where many ACNP grads in the area were getting jobs. At the time, previous grads we're going into Cardiology and some in the ED (albeit, in strictly adult populations). I did those rotations in the hope that my reach would be wider in terms of job offers. In the end, I didn't work in either fields and eventually settled to Critical Care which I've enjoyed. But that's just how I planned my rotations as an ACNP student.


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That's great advice. Thank you!