ACLS In outpt HDUs??

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just curious....

1.. do you have acls meds available in the outpt hdus?

2. are any of the staff required to be acls certified?

3. if you have the acls meds, are they only to be given under the direction of a mid-level or md?

thanks to any answers.



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It isn't required at my clinic. Our crash cart doesn't even have ACLS meds on it.



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The clinics that I have worked in used to have ACLS meds at one time & there was discussion a few years ago about requiring nurses to have ACLS Certification. But that fell away because there has to be a MD in the building before the meds can be administered & most of the time there is no MD there, so certification would really be a waste of time & money. They also have quit keeping the meds in stock as well.


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When I worked for a large national company, we were discouraged from getting ACLS for much of the same reasons pp mentioned. Interestingly, we did have the meds on the crash cart, and I guess nurses could have given them if directed by the nephrologist (who was rarely in the clinic, so it would have been a real coincidence to have a code at such a time).


P.S. I obtained ACLS a year ago in the hospital, and if I were to return to outpt dialysis, I would just let it expire. But what if there were a code before it expired? :confused:


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Thanks everyone.